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Patrolling and Inspections

VPS has a host of “part-time” security options including mobile patrols and regular inspections that meet both your requirements and budget.

We understand that not all of our customers need 24/7 on site security. Depending on your budget and your security requirements, we offer a number of options that combine quality of service with speed of response.

Mobile Patrols

Many of our customers find comfort in knowing that their vacant property is patrolled on a regular basis. Should you require this service, our uniformed mobile patrols in liveried vehicles will drive by your property at regular intervals to assess risks and identify security breaches. For added peace of mind, they are on call as needed.

Regular Inspection

Our inspection teams regularly visit your premises. They will check that protective measures are functioning, the building is in good order and your property has not fallen victim to squatters. At the time of inspection, our inspectors will complete a form which formally addresses concerns that you may have.