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  • Who is VPSitex?

    VPSitex, the vacant property specialists, is trusted the world over to secure, maintain and manage vacant properties.

  • Where is VPSitex based?

    We now operate from over 130 locations in the UK, US, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany.

  • What does VPSitex do?

    Our social, corporate and private customers rely on our services to reduce costs and maintain the value of their vacant property over the long-term.

    Our innovative products and services allow our customers to protect their vacant properties against unauthorised access and property decay. We also clean, clear and remove hazards, and can disconnect services, carry out inspections and provide essential maintenance. By evading trespassers, reducing crime and keeping vacant properties in working order, our customers are better prepared for re-occupancy, sale or construction.

  • What are the benefits of using VPSitex’s services?

    Retaining the value of your property

    Our speed in response and expertise in security ensures that the value of your property is protected from the minute it becomes vacant. This allows you to effectively hold on to your property’s value over the long-term. Our world-class bespoke services address ongoing issues quickly, helping you to evade trespassers, reduce crime, and keep your vacant property in working order.

    Controlling your costs

    We protect you from potential costs that could either be resolved or reduced as soon as possible. In this way, we can reduce prohibitive costs otherwise associated with managing the property yourself or leaving it unattended. By investing in the upkeep of a vibrant and well-maintained property, we make sure that you are better prepared for faster re-occupancy, sale or construction at lower cost.

    Reducing your impact on communities

    Through the neglect of a property, communities can be impacted by the cyclical effects this causes. For example, broken windows can often lead to further vandalism and crime.

  • Why should I choose VPSitex over other suppliers?

    At VPSitex, our success depends on your peace of mind. Whether you are around the corner or around the world, you can take comfort in knowing that your vacant property is safe in the hands of experts.

    As world-class specialists, we work around the clock to provide the services you need – when and where you need them. From insurance to insolvency practitioners, local authorities to local pubs, retailers to construction companies, our proven commitment is to you and the long-term care of your vacant property.

  • What do I need to consider when my property becomes vacant?

    Our customers know that the problem is not solved by simply locking the front door. More often than not, a vacated property is not something you will have planned for. As a result, the situation can feel a bit overwhelming, with concerns around loss of income, security, vandalism, crime, and asset value depreciation.

  • How can VPSitex help me from the moment a property becomes vacant, to when it goes back on the market?

    We understand what is required to care for, protect and restore your vacant property. To clarify this process, we’ve identified the four key elements of a vacant property’s lifecycle.

    Clear: We can change and remove fittings, clear rubbish, rubble and hazardous material, make repairs, conduct Asbestos surveys, and clean up after squatters. We also drain down or close off utilities, and pump out, investigate and make repairs after water ingress.

    Security: For the past decade, we have been protecting the safety of our customers’ vacant properties. Whether you rely on our world-class security guards, dogs, and patrols, or our innovative technology such as shutters, cameras, and alarms – the security measures we offer are world class.

    Maintain: Our expert maintenance services cover major concerns such as flood, fire or structural upkeep, down to the smaller details such as mould, decay and gardening services. We keep a diligent watch on all the issues that may affect your property. Communicating with you every step of the way, we take pride in keeping you fully aware of any ongoing concerns.

    Prepare: Our preparation service is expert and comprehensive. Essentially, we do everything required to make your property ready for a new tenant. This includes changing locks, transferring utility bills, and making security arrangements. If there is construction or development to be done, we’re on hand to clear and prepare the site for you.

  • How can VPSitex benefit the community?

    Taking care of your property doesn’t just benefit you; it benefits those in your community. Through the maintenance of a vibrant and well-kept property, not only can you keep out squatters and trespassers, you can also help to reduce crime. Keeping your building secure also reduces the possibility of public health and safety concerns.

  • What is VPSitex’s ‘glocal’ approach?

    At VPSitex, we offer the winning combination of local presence and global reach. We pride ourselves on delivering the trust and security you can expect from a global company, while offering customised and relevant services at the local level.

  • Which sectors do VPSitex serve?
    • Property Services
    • Insurance
    • Insolvency
    • Social Housing
    • Pubs and Breweries
    • Retail
    • Financial Services
    • Public Sector
  • Why should I trust VPSitex technology?

    We own our own technology development company which specialises in market-leading solutions.

    Our alarm systems are among the most technologically sophisticated products available today. Our innovative polymer screens offer both security and community integration. And our advanced online technology provides you with remote monitoring, recording, and reporting direct from our secure website.

  • How do I get in touch?

    By email - Complete our online form to send an email to our Customers Service team. We aim to respond to your email within 24 hours of receipt.

    By telephone - call our Customers Service team on +44(0)8706 08706 2. (Local rate number for BT users only. As mobile and other network call changes may vary, please refer to your service provider for more details.)

    We can call you - visit our contact us page for details